Judy A. Morrill Recreation Center


JAM Early Education Philosophy

JAM Early Education believes children need a safe, nurturing, and choice-filled environment to succeed and learn.  We believe this is achieved through children’s independence, exploration of their interests, and expression of their individuality to learn.  Our program emphasizes teaching according to the brain development of children.  Our idea is to promote respect, kindness, beauty, love, order, and a positive environment.  We value the religious, economic, cultural, and educational diversity of children and families and we will work with you to incorporate these aspects into your child’s day. JAM Early Education educates children by giving them hands on activities and real experiences, children therefore find meaning in the work they do, which increases their depth of learning.  We introduce children to ideas starting with the simplest for of an idea (ex. putting on their shoes) and moving into more complexity (ex. tying their own shoes).  By teaching this way, we are creating an interest to know more about a topic and fully understand it.  We believe each child has a capacity for growth and development and is guided to develop in all areas; emotional, social, creative, physical, spiritual, and intellectual, by offering opportunities that are right for their current developmental needs.  Our goal is to nurture the lifelong enthusiasm for learning within each child.

“I was a stay-at-home mom before my husband and I made the decision to enroll our kids in an early education program. The JAM Center made the transition so much easier than we could have imagined. They love their classrooms and all of the activities that they get to do. We enjoy getting updates throughout the day!”

Cassondra Johnson

JAM Early Education Tuition

  • Infants (6 Weeks-15 Months): $140/week
  • Toddlers (15 Months-3 Years): $125/week
  • Preschool (3-5 Years): $115/week
  • School Age (Kindergarten-5th Grade): Full-time Summer – $100/week
  • School Age Before & After School Care (includes delays) – $65/week
  • School Age Before School Care Only – $30/week
  • School Age After School Care Only – $55/week
  • School Age Additional Options (School Delays) – $5/hour
  • School Age Additional Options (School Cancellations) – $25/day (in addition to weekly rate)